Fiber Optic Splice Closure Manufacturer Introduces Fiber Optic Patch Panel
  • Fiber Optic Splice Closure Manufacturer Introduces Fiber Optic Patch Panel
    Fiber optic patch panels are a must for devices used with Fiber Optic Splice Closure . Patch panels are typically connected in network racks, most of them above or below the network switch. The patch panel mainly occupies 1U space in the network rack. All cables on the desktop are brought to the terminal block, which terminates on the back of the terminal block. (The UTP cable consists of 4 pairs, all of which are separated at the end and individually punched behind the terminal block).

    UTP jumpers connect each port in the patch panel to each port in the network switch. This allows for permanent connection to the switch without interference, and all additions, moves, and changes are done at the patch panel level.

    But why introduce new components in a messy data center? Can't we directly connect the cable to the switch? Yes, the UTP cable can be terminated directly from the desktop to the network switch. The settings are still valid. However, a patch panel was introduced between the network switch and the desktop cable for the following reasons:

    Identification: The patch panel port (location, desktop number, etc.) can be marked to help identify which cable is terminated from which location on which panel. Now, when you need to test or disconnect specific cables, you can easily find them on the patch panel.

    When the network wiring changes slightly, the switch will not be disturbed. It's quick and easy to make changes.

    All cables can be terminated on the patch panel (regardless of whether they need to be connected to a switch) and can be selectively connected to the switch simply by moving the patch cord as needed.

    Test/Troubleshooting: During a connection failure, the patch panel helps identify whether the fault is on the switch side or on the cable (network) side. They also help to troubleshoot.

    The Greentelftth Fiber Distribution Frame is designed to provide a high-density 19" rack mount solution for next-generation fiber networks that can be used as fiber optic termination for fiber patching, securing, splicing and management.

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