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Only improvements we'll likely see is the brand new engine enhancing shadows, reflections, colors, particle effects and casting them against the drapes. You may have a look how just implementing better shadows and colours can improve old equipment by assessing ReShade screenshots. Collabs that have experienced their makeup removed still have their resources exist on the game so those will likely still be accessible for jp players. Only improvements we'll probably see is the new engine improving shadows, shadows, colors, particle effects and casting them against the drapes. You may take a look how exactly implementing better shadows and colors can enhance old equipment by assessing ReShade screenshots. "But she's underage!!!" I guess 2D art has more faith than actual life lol XD. Now I am concerned on how New Genesis will fit in all of this. The half ass thing description is such a disgrace. It's no wonder that they can in fact release the episodes as soon as possible. They really need to fire and produce a large overhaul of whoever the team is managing the localization of this. Having never really played Episode 4 yet on the Global edition, I was surprised to realize that the depictions of nudity and the dialogue revolving it was really changed. It may be because I'm not especially huge on anime tropes however the beginning of Episode 4 to me personally was fun and also tough to work during when I was about family. I was aware of the bath scenes being removed but when I can be honest I don't exactly know whether the story of the game or its ethics is destroyed because rather than hinting at nudity the personalities have clothing slapped on instead. From what I could recall, the content even in the Japanese version doesn't really stoop into the sorts of implied nudity like what Episode 4 if you move onto Episode 5 and 6 so I'm curious to see if any other changes will be made when those come about. Want to learn more about PSO2 at
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