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I don't think I promoted this website or Zybez in any way. I was only discussing them. I read the rules and it stated it's against the rules to advertise a site but there is nothing about talking about you. I am muted for 24 hours with a moderator (PMod or JMod?) , therefore it's not a major thing. However I'm concerned because there does not seem to be a place to appeal. I can't see just how many blackmarks I have , and also the status of the offence seems to function as"Deferred". This probably ruins all hope of me ever being a player mod, but it's my first offence so I am not entirely sure what to do. Ok right now I have a little over 11 mil. Zammy Pages 1-4 (To lazy to do the quest right now, price is soaring, so might as well purchase ). Granite Body, Black Mask, D Boots, D B-axe (for instance, also have roughly 1k 4 does restore pots) Multiple glorys... So I guess I am a normal level 82 meele based participant (Except for its black mask). My questions are: Is the fury really worthwhile? 3 mil for a ammy is pretty steep, but when it is really all that much better I can get it. The sara sword (Oh No). I'm way to lazy to do mm, and I can give it out once I'm not using it. Reply's with this just from people who have or currently have the sara sword. I will be blowing almost all of my cash on these 2 things, but I can always merchant (that's how I received my 19 mil), but I'd have to work my way up again. On one note, brand new members. Do not waste all of your cash on summoning. I spent approximately 3+ mil on getting 29 summoning (soul snake and mosquito pouches) and it's not worth it. I'm selling the d long after 70 attack (30K away from 69 now ) and gettting a rune defender (after 69 assault ). Thank you guys! The only reason I received my fishing /cooking around 53 is beacuse of heroes' (believe was the quest *srcaches mind *) And I was wondering, how are these abilities worth gettoing up? I don't mind cooking (witch seams like an esay 99) but I hate fishing. Here are the questions: Where's a fantastic place to train fishing/cooking? How high will I need to receive my fishing level upward, so that I earn money? (more then green dargs) How long will it take me to get 99 cooking/fishing? Just how much does it cost me to get 99 cooking? Alright from 75 cooking (were I started, and since 75 you dont burn off lobs anymore (assuming you are using cooking gaunts the whole time)): 39,104 Lobsters to get to 91 the first mark, this could cost 12,044,032 [39,104 Lobsters] (1,994,304 is missing AFTER the 39k Lobsters is sold). 13,612 Monkfish to get to 94 the second mark, this could cost 5,485,636 [13,612 Monkfish] (666,988 is missing AFTER the 13k Monkfish is marketed ). Want to learn more about RuneScape at
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