• Baby Mattress Fabric Is Important for Your Children
    First of all, the baby mattress fabric is not a small adult mattress. Not only materials, but also higher than adults. In fabrics, fillers, and core parts are different from adults. Then start with the fabric. The fabrics for children's mattresses on the market are generally 3D fabrics, the reason is that they are breathable, and others are antibacterial and anti-mite functions. But...
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  • The Same Fruit Juice Production Line Can Produce Different Products
    Jimei has good experience in helping manufacturers develop and produce dairy products and juices. We are even able to design efficient fruit Fruit Juice Production Line for our customers, enabling them to produce drinks more efficiently and quickly.We manufacture factories and processes for:fruit juice. Pure juicehoney jar. Fruit concentrateextrusion. Pulp containing mixed syrupCordia. Is...
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  • Sandwich Fabric Is Windproof, Waterproof And Warm
    The sandwich fabric is rich in color, good in matching and flexible in movement. It can be said to be perfect. It solves the problems of breathability, wind resistance, water resistance, warmth retention, etc., and is deeply loved by consumers. So what exactly is a sandwich fabric? The sandwich fabric is a synthetic fabric woven from a warp knitting machine. The sandwich fabric consists...
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  • Knitted Jacquard Mattress Fabrics Come In A Wide VarietyS
    An interesting fact of knit jacquard is its complex weave pattern, which is not an embroidery but is directly woven into the fabric. The pattern can be based on the consumer's own preferences, so it is very popular in the market. Jacquard fabrics are known for their draping properties and offer excellent elasticity and strength compared to other fabrics. Just touch it to feel the...
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  • What Equipment Should Be In The Milk Production Line?
    For the Mini Dairy Plant, improving the equipment dairy industry is important because becoming a successful dairy company includes alertness and understanding of technical and business skills. There are many machines for dairy farms that are very valuable and useful. Most dairy farms also use important milk equipment. Therefore, improving their equipment is also crucial. Some only improve the...
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  • Jimei Company Provides Juice Production Line Equipment
    Today, Milk Processing Plant are in great demand for equipment because they can increase dairy production in an appropriate manner. There are many manufacturers that sell a variety of milk processing equipment used to make cheese, ice cream, beverages and food. The different types of milk equipment are listed below:Milk processing equipmentHomogenizerMilk pumpSeparatorMixing...
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  • Rongli---An excellent manufacturer of knitted jacquard mats

    As first class China tatting jacquard cushion manufacturers and Tatting Jacquard Cushion suppliers, Our company integrates mattress, the design, produce, R&D and sales of home textiles, and imports advanced waving machinery from West German and Italy etc.

    Produced jacquard, printed, dyed and color dyed fabric, knitting mattress, tatting materials, thermal transfer printed material are of fashionable style and have rich varieties. Knitted tatting cloth and printed are widely applied to cushion, mattress, pillow covers, sofa and the manufacturing of thermal transferred printed fabrics.

    Rongli company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality system accreditation and all our Tatting Jacquard Cushion have passed the inspection of EU REACH and accreditation of German Hein Stan Oeko-TexStand100.

    If you are interested in this type of ornament, you can click here:pillowcase sample.

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  • Aseptic Filling Machine In The Milk Production Line
    Aseptic filling machines are widely used in the aseptic packaging of liquid foods such as juice, milk, yogurt, pulp and jam. At room temperature, the product can be stored for more than one year, which can save the cost and risk of cold storage. In the entire Milk Production Line, the aseptic filling machine is directly connected to the sterilizer, and the sterilized UHT product can be directly...
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  • Advantages and applications of sandwich mesh fabric
    There are mesh-shaped holes in the fabric, can be used pure cotton or chemical fiber blended yarn weave, but also with yarn and thread intertwined. There are white or colored weaving, there are big jacquard weave, Rongli Cloth ,weave different patterns. Breathability is good, after bleaching and dyeing process, cloth body quite cool, in addition to doing summer clothing, especially...
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