From the perspective of driving mode, household elevators are mainly divided into three types: hydraulic elevators, traction elevators and برغي مصعد. Among them, screw elevators are more suitable for use in villa home environments.

The screw elevator adopts the driving structure of the nut screw, and also belongs to the machine room-less elevator. Due to its simple structure, no bottom pit, no counterweight, no car, self-contained shaft, space utilization, can be used in villas and duplexes, in the European household market. It has been popular for nearly 40 years, and it is now slowly becoming popular in the Chinese home market.

  1. Structure: hoistway and platform, landing part;
  2. Use environment: low-rise buildings and family villas;

c, main components: control system, screw, safety nut, drive nut, safety door system;

  1. Advantages and disadvantages: high space utilization and slow speed.