Modern designs make full use of heating manifolds, which are typically separate devices for fixed flow path and nozzle casting systems. They are separate items, from the basic shape of the Daily Necessities Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) to the isolation buttons or feet. Keep in mind that the manifold does not touch the main tool in any way to prevent heat transfer from the manifold. The standoff button and the locking screw will be the only contacts in the tool. These types of tools are also commonly referred to as hot runner system tools.

Cartridge or tube heaters are used to maintain the melt temperature within the manifold, and thermocouples are widely used to observe this condition. These are typically connected to a temperature controller that turns the heating unit on/off with a preprogrammed number.

This design and style is basically designed for the formation of non-thermal materials and is also very common when the quantity is expected to be reasonable. Once the melting temperature has been obtained shortly after startup, no more energy is required to keep up with the material temperature due to the insulating properties of the plastic material.

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