In terms of quality, Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. does not accept any compromise. From the outset, we set a high standard and took a very responsible approach to selecting Milk Production Line equipment.
Many factors have been considered in the project development process, such as the specific characteristics of local production, location, environmental friendliness, and convenient equipment maintenance.
Our department specializes in the production and packaging of milk, melted cheese, soft cheese and semi-hard cheese, sour cream, fermented dairy products, farm cheese and butter.
The quality of our products must be impeccable, which is why we monitor every stage of production, from the receipt of raw materials to the delivery of final products to the store. The Jimei Food Factory has an accredited microbiology laboratory that ensures compliance with all technical, sanitary and hygienic standards.
In order to maintain the industry's leading position and to assure consumers of the highest quality products and packaging, we have selected and installed innovative extrusion blow molding equipment to help us produce modern and convenient cans. The plant was the first to start producing such cans at its factory.
Our Mini Dairy Plant is very special; this is not a replica of another dairy factory. Our factory is our pride.