When considering the establishment of a Milk Processing Plant and a vegetable processing plant, whether it is a cottage or a small industrial system, the first thing to remember is the infrastructure needed to properly store all the necessary equipment.
Therefore, it must take some time to coordinate two aspects that are critical to the development of a project of this nature, namely the cost and quality of the infrastructure required to achieve the stated objectives.
It must always be borne in mind that since the food to be processed is for human consumption, the infrastructure must meet several requirements. This chapter will analyze the basic general aspects of these requirements.
Infrastructure includes different aspects of project implementation. Therefore, physical layout, basic services, or installation and equipment issues must be considered.
Physical layout
From a technical point of view, the physical layout of a plan of this nature may be very simple, as it refers to a basic production system involving small batches and simple products.
However, whether it is a household handicraft or a small-scale industrial system, the basic principles of industrial health and hygiene must not be neglected. These principles must be characteristic of food production systems.
Production site
From the receipt and storage of raw materials to the storage of finished products, several different processes take place at the site of production activities.
One aspect that must be kept in mind is architectural details, which determine the ability of the factory to meet two goals: adapt to food production and ensure a long shelf life. However, when considering industrial processing facilities for home or small Juice Production Line, construction costs are an important factor that must be considered.