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You would think animal crossings are a far right's utopia. You receive a home from a local capitalist that can do whatever he wants, the only means to cover your bills is to work, and you do not have to think about being shit on for phoning another residents animals.

Well consider though that you don't possess the capability to actually hurt any other occupants besides bonking them on the head with a net. That alone probably turns off individuals thinking about a hierarchy such as that

Are almost as bad.

150,000 bells for a bass guitar is simply extortion, and it's not like I am gonna learn to play with the damn thing. It is just going to go into my pile of tools which you could mash A on.

Isabelle will only tell you your island lacks appealing scenery, likely as it's covered in metronomes ticking out of sync. The elephant villagers seem to dig that, though.

Do not let this distract you from the fact that Yoshi committed tax fraud

From what I understand about the game, Nook does not charge interest and you're able to Nook Miles Ticket pay back the loan at any time. That doesn't need to very promote capitalist to me. That's fairly social democratic.