If you all use the upgraded link above you need to eve echoes isk find a copy of the newest version. Give it a moment to load the scripts and then you should be good to go with no adjustments necessary.The substance efficiency cell is what you're looking for. Change it to the percent based on your abilities and the nutrient and planetary resource values will upgrade appropriately.I'm also curious why you determine value by averaging the purchase price, sell price, and cheapest cost? It seems like that lowest buy price would artificially deflate the value.

I am averaging the market and lowest market since on average the market column appears to be inflated and therefore the average seems to give more precise results. Obviously these are all quotes and your mileage may vary depending on the local market in your town. I will continue to keep an eye on the prices and adjust the calculations when there appears to be better pattern.

Is it feasible to create some kind of filter here to drop from calculation ores which I don't have wide access to? For example, if I constantly mine pyroxeres, discard it in the sheet and rely only on other ores while calculating m3 efficiency.Ooo that is actually a fantastic idea, I can not guarantee anything but I will certainly look into that!

I would also incorporate the Eve Lowest Sell price. The market is quite competitive and things generally do not sell in the Eve-Echoes-Market cost. Likewise some things have a 3-4 hour window until they are updated. Considering that the market is quite volatile it creates for listing the correct prices difficult without having to start the market page to check out the current competitive selling cost.

I'm using the average of this market and lowest sell columns since this seems to give the best overall results. The issue with just taking the cheapest sell is that it makes it easy for a single person to attempt to steer the marketplace by selling just one item with a really low cost. Keep in mind that this tool will only give you estimates and you need to verify pricing prior to making conclusions. I will continue to keep an eye on the costs and fix the weights if things appear to not be working well.

Definitely. I utilized lowest market last couple days and it is not a fantastic indicator of overall market price. Yes it could be at the price during a few hours because of people selling off or competing but in general the market goes beyond ups/downs because of supply/demand. Taking the average between market and lowest price is not to great either for items that are volatile that have large swings. With ships the costs most likely don't swing as much but eve isk for sale that I have not watched the market on boats.