Ibelieve RNG is excellent in wow classic gold matches due to replayability. I really liked the notion of legendaries (hated how there was a cap onhow many you can get at the beginning of launch however ) and made obtaining equipment more interesting.I definitely agree, but Iam also one of the men who'll play one character for approximately 75 percent of the growth, so that I don't get nearly as changedas the altohlics.On the flip side though, you sort of have to expect that if you are trying to gear 6 figures at once it is goingto take quite a while.Except before legion it didnt. Gear was the sole gate for the vast bulk of the match and it was fairly easywith buddies or guilds to have caught up.

Legion included a lot of forced time gates which just wall off you from performingcertain content since you have to do X amount of actions before you are allowed on the enjoyable rides.It works better inroguelikes because you can just die and begin new.Idk, TF made me frustrated everytime thing didn't titanforge + socket and it isnot like I was completionist, but my initial reaction when I saw a fall"I expect it titanforged". Is this blizzards plan? Makesystems increasingly worse that people simply forget how bad it had been earlier?Yes precisely, legendaries were the reason peoplewere getting benched, and there was actually nothing you could do about it, if you did not receive your Bis legendaries first,you're fucked.

This is a problem for like a month before then they buffed every single subpar mythical to a ridiculous degree,increased the drop rate and executed currencies that allowed individuals to pick the leggo they wanted (the latter was pretty latetho tbf).This was a major problem for at least a year in Legion.

Were you aware that it'd take about buy gold wow classic eu a month to get a singlelegendary at the beginning, even with exceptionally heavy play?Did you forget about the soft-cap, and how they whined about asoft-cap existing?Also, you couldn't pick the leggo with money until BfA pre-patch.