When World Of Warcraft’s Shadowlands was released yesterday afternoon, many players saw its face and hairstyle changed. The upper limit of the role has been changed from level 120 to level 50. From the previous tenth level to the latest Azeroth expansion, it brings a whole new experience to players. I found that this game looks different from the original. I have been in contact with this game since 2004, and this update is really pleasant to me.

In 2010, Cataclysm tore Azeroth. Since then, Shadowlands has been one of the transformative expansions of World Of Warcraft. Introducing advanced roles into the prosperous afterlife world, statistics and levels have been fully compressed in this expansion. The original level cap was 60, but now it is going to rise to 120. Level 50 is the highest level now. Once the expansion is released, you can get 10.

When I logged into World Of Warcraft before the patch was released, I admitted that I might be a little disappointed. The highest level of my most precious character has gone from three digits to two digits. Ashley Parrish has spent several months as an improved character creator, and most of the games in the game are also shown with a new look. Brand new characters that look completely different from the original. The new face means that you can improve the facial animation, and you will frown a lot more times in battle.

Not only does she have Miss Sassy Pants, her latest expansion has reached level 11. All operations between the two were skipped by her. Here, Burning Crusade will not appear, and Mists of Pandaria will not appear. As long as players have the highest level of characters and play in Azeroth content, they can skip the new "Time Walk" campaign to access the old expansion content, and these campaigns will be scaled to achieve the WOW Classic Gold best risk ratio .

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