Then when EA adds a new game mode  such as the lawn everyone on here shitting on it saying it's the same game. You believed a hashtag was actually gonna save  franchise, less Mut 21 coins? The expectations should've been in hellI concur. I have had 4 blocked field goals that still made it  despite going through my body. I'll snap the ball only after, and it immediately throws to that receiver following the snap,  typically heading incomplete. The Auction process is also so glitch in MUT.


There was one card I was going for, had 30 seconds  left, I'd head to put a bid and it tells me no time , then only now I had the final bidding in the last second 3 days, and every  time it added 20 seconds, which it's never done before, so the other person was able to bring it from my coin cap.Load times were  slower and wasn't a wi-fi issue. Little to no gameplay enhancements.


Arcade mode is ehh, haven't attempted the lawn yet. Above all  franchise style and MUT had areas to increase gameplay, interaction efficiency and they failed, etc.. MUT has so many areas where  they can streamline management of your team and it somehow appears to have gotten worse. My reco would be to all Madden lovers to  temper your expectations.All this sub is in this point is bashing MUT and whining. I don't care if people bash the match, but at  least switch it up every once in a while.Watch, I feel bad because I'm EA Guru for pc they gave you madden 21 mvp edition to play  for per month. Therefore for 14.99 I get madden plus the rest of the ea games. I am finding it to be a fantastic deal. I for sure  see the problems you guys have on this particular game.


I believe like gameplay has improved a gpod level but what steps ahead they  took in gameplay would be reversed how many steps back face of this franchise and franchise shot. Its literatly exactly the same  as this past year only with fresh colours. I personally play mut a whole lot but just bc franchise becomes so bpring so quickly.  Players on the outside gunner positions on Mmoexp Madden nfl 21 coins kick offs just run a straight line beyond the whole drama and do not attempt to block  anybody. They did not touch the blocking AI, it's fucking terrible.