"We heard a lot of PSO2 Meseta players say they've been waiting eight long years with this release. [laughs] So we were really happy about that." That laugh be a nervous (oops. Sorry) one and not a one. It's in the end of a query about how popular that the beta was. It reads "lots more people played with beta than expected, and told us they'd been waiting eight long years with this - so people were happy at how hot it had been" rather than"we were happy people were awaiting eight years" Honestly I am just happy the game is out, it's doing well, we are actually getting content upgrades and such.

So even if they didn't care we seem to be in an ok spot right now and that is what is important. Just continue playing and supporting the game if you like it and Sega will see they have a good enough player base to not bungle items later on. What a non response for why the 8 year delay question. Its apparent they lost interest long ago and only changed their mind with this release because of Microsoft practically funds it. All what has been said here makes quite a lot of sense in retrospect. The clunky translation due to the group not having much control over it, and the massive wait for the EN version. For all those of you who do not remember, PS as a series has had some really DOGSHIT customer support in the west, all the way back to PSO. Sega as a business has an extreme tendency toward the crippling fear of earning cash.

Gotta love how that dude's experience is gatchas and the SEA fiasco, which makes me feel comfortable with the game's future... SEGA just don't like the westand we would have never gotten this game if not for a significant firm like MS. I don't know whether it is due to terrible history with cheaters from PSO /PSU, or even sore over the Dreamcast's demise that was all thier own fault. They arent even Sega anymore, they are Sega Sammy.

Took this screenshot in the new trailer; reveals what is shared between PSO2 and NG. How are characters shared, just? If"character development won't last over", that seems like you may have a character with the identical name in both matches, but I would not predict that shared. That's exactly what they said. They have not mentioned anything about cosmetics yet which has some people worried.

Registered data is anything you've"enrolled" in your character, this includes hairstyles, headparts, accessories, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, face paint, body paint, decals, voices, basewear, innerwear & of course emotes. The only reason I'm in a position to say this is what it is, is because throughout the first CBT on xbox insiders they had a very wonky translation when employing a ticket which said something along the lines of"Are you certain you wish to register this information?" My friends & I have been making"register that data" jokes everywhere one of us gets a decorative we desired. Shit like..."Oh, you go sign up that data." So I am 98% certain that is what they mean when they state registered information, which would mean all those people trying to hoard cosmetic tickets in the hopes of buy meseta pso2 selling them on NGS won't work as only registered items will transfer over.