If I recall correctly they talked about that Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta at the character founder area.

Given that basically zero progression communicates over with you, what's supposed to function as motivation to continue playing with PSO2 if I intend on playing NGS? Or conversely, why should I care about NGS if PSO2 isn't going anywhere? I kind of understand the allure for the JP version of this game since they have had nearly a decade old PSO2, but here in NA we just got our hands on the bottom game and now we need to manage this announcement? This whole thing just kinda feels. . .messy. Shit I honestly want PSO2 was never published in the west and we could just start with NGS. Those are the greatest things to really go for at this time.

Gear carries more but we do not know how this equipment will work in NG or even just how much can be taken with us. Is the hauled over equipment really going to be great (and precious )? Can it be temporary equipment to provide OG players a head start? Meseta won't transfer. Hopefully this means they'll possibly rebalance the crazy meseta profits but that is associated with our development too. I know there are lots of players that like to play the market. What does this mean to those players? If the player economy is getting a reset, what value does our transported over equipment grip? This is a pretty major bombshell to drop for the NA servers without any further information about how NG will affect us considering we're still fresh.

It is more so the risk that we're playing for nothing right now. This may not only be a reboot of equipment, but a good deal of what we earned. There is also the chance PSO2 may continue being the major game. All in all, I hope we get more details sooner rather than later. I'll concur PSO2 Meseta for sale is a wreck concerning economy. But I'd put a good deal of blame on the fact that nothing is very valuable (besides old scratch items) and the large meseta gains. Too much meseta is pumped to the match and not enough is removed. The fact is sure players are always likely to hold the wealth in matches like these. While most players are conducting mission, these players are operating the marketplace. Their behaviour will not change with a brand new game. Whether players missed the launching will not change that. There's nothing that has been available at launch which will affect new players as the game continually devalues old loot with new content.