We are a door hinge manufacturer, how to remove the door hinge, our suggestions are:

First, gather the right tools. When the pin is extended, you will need a wedge, hammer, nail set, nail driver and screwdriver to pry the pin. It is best not to use ordinary nails to frequently bend the pins and push them out.

Second, keep the door in a fixed position under support. You will destroy the stability of the door. This means you need something that can support and prevent the door from tipping over when you release it. The easiest way is to slide a book or any other hard object under the door. It will provide a solid surface for your door to stand on.

Then, cut off the paint layer. After setting the door in a fixed position, first cut off the paint layer on the top of the door hinge. You can use a sharp knife to carefully slide its blade through the paint layer in a thin space, which is usually a small gap between the hinge plate and the pin.

Then click the pin to output, and the next step is to push the needle out with the help of a hammer and nail punch. You need to push up the hinge pin slightly. You can also use the flat end of a screwdriver to knock it out with a hammer. Strike the pin with increasing force until the head of the pin is fixed upward. Be careful not to damage the pins. In addition, we are a manufacturer of door and window hardware, also often referred to as window hardware China.