Why does the state strongly support light steel villa house? The main reason is the environmental protection of buildings. Most of the materials used in traditional buildings are bricks, and burning bricks brings serious pollution to the atmosphere of our country. At the same time, soil is a non-renewable resource and cannot be exploited excessively. Another color material is river sand. Now the government does not allow the random exploitation of river sand.

There are many reasons for us ordinary people to accept light steel villas. The villas are made of hot galvanized steel and will not rust for 100 years, thus prolonging the service life of the houses. The construction method is fabricated, greatly shortening the construction time of the villas. The traditional houses require more than 5 months of construction time, while the construction of light steel villas requires only 1 month, including external decoration.

No matter how good the product is, it has its shortcomings. We analyze the advantages and disadvantages of light steel villas.

Weaknesses of Light Steel Buildings:

1. The construction cost will be slightly higher than that of brick-concrete buildings.

2. Lack of optimized construction personnel

3. Lack of market awareness

4. Enterprises in the domestic actual combat experience is insufficient

Advantages of Light Steel Building:

1. Superior house performance

Anti-9 earthquake, anti-12 typhoon, moisture-proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, termite prevention all materials are environmental protection, which is the basic performance of light steel buildings.

2. Beautiful appearance

The design appearance of light steel villas can be arbitrary, as steel can be designed in any shape to make the houses more attractive, and the construction is also less difficult, so the beautiful villas can be completed only by installation.

3. Fast construction time

Similarly, for a villa with a construction area of 300 square meters, brick-concrete buildings need more than 5 months of construction time, while light steel villas need only 1 month to complete the overall installation (all walls, exterior wall decoration, roof decoration, water and electricity installation) greatly shortening the construction time of the house.

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