Is your garden not fulfilling its potential? In addition to planting and watering, there is much more to gardening, and even experienced gardeners will constantly fine-tune their green thumbs. If you are not familiar with gardening, these tips will give you a good start. If you are an experienced gardener but you are in trouble, these reminders will help you determine what your plants need to make you a successful garden!

1. Garden planting-good soil creates a good garden.

The biggest secret of gardening is: it has nothing to do with plants; it is about dirt. The perfect garden soil is rich in nutrients needed by plants, soft enough to allow their roots to grow easily, and maintain the right amount of water to keep the plants healthy, but not too rot. If your garden is not growing well, the first thing to do is to test the soil. Your local botanical garden or home gardening center may provide a comprehensive test. There are many factors to test yourself without special tools, such as soil workability and moisture retention.

2. Garden planting-let your plants match the climate and achieve success.

Be careful of flower obsession. Even experienced gardeners sometimes fall in love with a plant. They take it home and try to make it overcome all difficulties, but if you don't have the right temperature or light conditions, your lovely plant will languish. Plants are very picky. Flowers that require four to five hours of sunlight a day will bloom if there are only three, or they will wither and die if they are in the sun all day. There is an app for your smartphone that can measure the light and other conditions in your garden and recommend the perfect plant for you.

3. Garden planting-maintain your garden.

Once the soil is fertile and fertile, and you have planted the right plants for your conditions, then we can finally complete the tasks related to gardening. If you pull weeds from the roots several times a year and cover them thickly, your garden will be very low maintenance.

Of course, in addition to the above, suitable high-quality garden tools will also make your gardening life a lot easier. For details, please contact: New design expandable hose.