Among the very most interesting sections of last night's flow was when he did a freestyle rap to get runescape gold with cash"Sea Shanty" songs of all things.The current Soulja Boy RuneScape streams have been paying -- that the rapper has demonstrated a steady growth in viewership as revealed on Twitch Tracker, however sullygnome indicates the most surprising amount: he struck almost 5,000 peak viewers in recent days streaming old-school RuneScape.

As the sullygnome data shows, Soulja Boy's RuneScape flows have proven wildly popular in the last week. Other popular games (including GTA 5 and also the newly-released Hyper Scape) simply couldn't compare to the sheer number of people tuning into see him play an old browser game. I think it's safe to say that this viral rapper and entrepreneur has discovered himself an audience at the strangest of places. It seems like he'll continue to be a variety streamer, though his best chance for staying in the spotlight could just be this cherished browser game classic.

When I was a child, I wasn't allowed to play video games. My parents prohibit consoles in our house, supposing video games were barbarous and boyish distractions from my social and academic life, and as a direct consequence of the prohibition I climbed up consumed with the urge to play video games at any price. I exchanged lunchbox snacks at recess for twenty five minutes with my classmates' Gameboys. None of that was sufficient. From the time I was 12 in the autumn of 2003, I wanted to perform more and get better. That is when I discovered Runescape.

There were quests to finish, dragons to fight, medieval cities to explore, as well as the social component of having the ability to play and communicate with other gamers logged into RuneScape.

Crucially and also, Runescape was free and overburdened. I could play with it on our loved ones PC without runescape best way to make money needing a games console or consent from my parents. Checkmate to the rules. The version of Runescape I played is what's now called Runescape Classic, the first version of RuneScape that started in 2001. It'd laughably crunchy graphics and overloaded servers, but under it had the bones of this dream game experience I craved.