Erectile dysfunction is a disorder when a person is unable to erect properly but is unable to maintain an erection that is sufficiently stable to have sex. Erectile dysfunction is a male problem typically seen in middle-aged and senior citizens. It is not unusual, however, to see men from lower age groups have erectile erection problems. Erectile dysfunctions are generally associated with sexual problems in married couples and may involve the male partner in a couple in relationships that trigger a breakdown of relationships and mental stress. Many health-related issues also occur from erectile dysfunction.


The primary sex hormone in males is testosterone. The testes contain it, and the pituitary gland and hypothalamus control it. During the fetal stage, it is the hormone that stimulates the growth of male sex organs and causes physical changes in a male's body throughout puberty. It's the hormone that defines a man's masculine character. It plays a role in developing sperm.


How Erectile Dysfunction Indicates Our Health 


Many of us are not seeking medical help because we don't think it's a very serious problem. But doctors say that to keep it in check; regular visits are needed. Even, if you're regularly visiting the doctor, you'd be able to get rid of the other health issues. This may strengthen your erection condition in effect.


High testosterone and sex drive 


Just testosterone in men is not responsible for low sex drive. It is one of the reasons that decreases the ability to satisfy sex. Lack of sex drive and impotence may be caused in a person by low levels of testosterone.


We still don't understand it. It's natural for a man in his teens and early 20s to have a high sex drive. In one person, what could be considered a low sex drive may not be valid for the other. Factors such as tension, sleep, and sexual opportunities often differ among males. So it's not easy to determine a normal sex drive in men. Low levels of testosterone do not always mean no sex drive. 

Low testosterone and erectile dysfunction


The reason behind erectile dysfunction may not be low testosterone. But the ultimate cause of erectile dysfunction is low testosterone level in a very small proportion of men. Other conditions such as atherosclerosis, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure cause erection problems. In addition, Unhealthy lifestyle habits such as drinking too much, and cigarettes also cause men to have erectile dysfunction. But it has been commonly seen that low testosterone is found in people with atherosclerosis and erectile dysfunction.


Doctors believe that men with erectile dysfunction and low levels of testosterone make the situation even worse. Thus, erections can be said to depend on low levels of testosterone, but the relationship between the two is complex. Low testosterone in men may be due to some of the diseases that are also associated with erectile dysfunction problems. These are metabolic syndrome, obesity, hypertension, dysfunction of the endothelial system.


Testosterone replacement therapy and impotence


Men who have low testosterone replacement therapy have been effective in resorting to original sex drive, but it does not help recover their erectile dysfunction issue. But in some other men, testosterone replacement therapy has been able to marginally improve their erections And erectile dysfunction medications known as PDE-5 inhibitors such as avanafil, cenforce 100mg active ingredient is sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil are also given to overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction.


Such drugs increase the flow of blood to the penis. With these medications, some men with low testosterone do not show any signs of progress. But the study has shown that for some time, only cases where testosterone replacement therapy has shown changes in erectile dysfunction have their effects. After a few years, these men again showed symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Men with low testosterone and undergoing testosterone replacement therapy often prevent some of the erectile dysfunction risk factors such as fat reduction, increased insulin sensitivity, and also lower diabetes risk. Buy Super p force online from safe healths.


If you have low testosterone and concurrent erectile dysfunction, the doctor may first recommend a testosterone replacement therapy to see if your testosterone level improvement also increases your penis erections. You will boost your erections and testosterone levels in addition to this daily exercise and a healthy diet. Also, use medication for the ED Problem, you can guide about super p force review to your family doctor.


Risks Factor of Testosterone replacement therapy 


The body that retains too much fluid that causes acne, enlargement of prostate glands and breasts, low fertility, increased red blood cells.


Replacement therapy with testosterone is also expensive. You can end up spending a  major part of your savings on your health.


When to Apply Getting Testosterone Replacement Therapy getting Erectile Dysfunction Treatment 


If you have been having problems with low sex drive for some time, you may be seeing your doctor. The physician may inquire about the symptoms and may recommend a medical examination. Low testosterone symptoms include lack of sex drive, body hair loss, feeling sluggish, muscle size reduction, and endurance.


Nonetheless, the doctor will now prescribe medicine to improve the level of testosterone or may ask you to go for replacement therapy with testosterone. The physician would also track and discuss the erections with you, whether or not it is improving. Generic kamagra oral jelly is shown to be good for male erectile dysfunction condition improvement. Kamagra jelly price in India is available easily and very low to buy it.

If you have few of these side effects, your physician may ask you to have a blood test to see your blood test levels of testosterone. If your blood is found to have higher levels of testosterone than an average man, the doctor should check for possible causes. If you have erectile dysfunction, it is best to report the same to your doctor early so that the physician will be able to determine the low levels of testosterone.


Impotence may be one of the diseases due to low testosterone levels that you suffer from. It varies among men. Scientists are strongly discussing the interdependence of the two.