Thresholds being skills and also being limited is a good way. DBs have gotten overhauls the previous 7 maddens. I really don't like where they are at, but you aren't telling me that the 20 DBs play like the 16 DBs lol or the 18 DBs. I'm just saying, I do not get your point but I would really like to. I want a better match too, I just don't see why these reintroducing an old feature as new is an issue if it enhances Madden 21 coins. I guess that my point is they keep putting a match every year based on the exact same legacy code. And with less than a year of development between each launch, there is only so much they can do to really fix Madden 21.

Why don't you have a break for a year, launch a significant roster and name update in August instead of a brand new game? They then could take that time to work on an entire overhaul. They recycle and reuse the very same things every year with only marginal improvements. Altering the mechanisms of Madden 21 should not be THE feature. You do not play COD and say"wow jumping over walls is much easier this season". Most people focus on sport modes or the brand new weapons they took the opportunity to develop. Sure, gameplay and mechanics updates are welcome (and honestly expected) but they are never the marketing stage. New features must be NEW FEATURES- like custom playbooks from MUT, make a drama, overhaul of mode, or any number of suggestions individuals from this community have made. Frankly, as far as I adore Madden it's getting a little stale and repetitive.

I played online and I'm questioning whether I want to receive 21. Offense appears to be impossible to stop both sides and Lamar is the worst player. I am sure a lot will change but it wasn't the most gratifying experience lol. Offense does seem over powered. I'm usually an okay offensive player but I have just been scoring at will. Passing game is super simple since users seemed nerfed but I am delighted with the change of speed so much to be fair. Frankly, I performed for approx 10 minutes, downloaded and got the beta. Deleted.

After 5 decades of buy Mut 21 coins, I could officially say regardless of what EA does to Madden 21, I'm out. Wish I would have given the code away to somebody who actually cared. So WRs should catch the ball then again, it's a football game. Yeah it is a beta I do it - but they called it stops in maybe March to get this beta ready. Kinda the final straw. I purchased mlb 20 per week ago and hope that so it's difficult for me to come back to some thing where the community is pretty much abused and laughed at. Plus the community in general is completely poisonous. Like every twitter article ea makes there's not one positive comment and some are downright erroneous. But again, there's a reason why it's like this.