Like many MMOs, PSO2 forces PSO2 Meseta you to pick out a class during character creation, which could make you freeze up with decision paralysis. Do you play with a Braver? A Ranger? A Force? Whatever you choose, do not sweat it too much because you can change classes at no cost in the Arks Lobby in the class counter, and every class is leveled independently (so that you could level all them if you wanted to). However, PSO2 is not as generous with lots of of other possible mistakes you might make, and do-overs can cost you real money to fix. Here is three large choices you should be aware of early on that cost money to reset.

You can't move characters into some new Ark Ship (the machine you select before beginning a character) without paying additional. Your skill tree (you are going to learn about it in Afin's Client Orders) costs actual money to reset and it doesn't change if you switch to some other class. It's ideal to not invest any things in the tree till you know what kind of construct you really want. Again, this can not be changed without paying extra to reset it. Before feeding it things read a guide.

SO it is a fantastic thing PSO2 is eight years old then, because the community has spent those years crafting a wealth of guides and wikis that have the reply to any questions that you may have. Below are a few of my favorites:Azelyra's Beginner's Guide: This source is fantastic and incredibly detailed and, along with some of the items we discussed above, will stop you from making any bothersome mistakes during the ancient game.

Anamana's Beginner Guide: A somewhat different manual that's still worth watching because it covers all of the basic characteristics that new players will encounter early on. A great overview of PSO2's different development systems. This thread connects to a slew of guides on various topics, such as leveling Mags, class assembles, and much more. The PSO2 wiki is a great reference if you want info on specific items, skills, and more.Collect your got names on a regular basis. Lots of activities earn you titles that could be displayed over your personality, but names are not just cosmetic. Each one will typically arrive cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta with a reward, so make certain to inspect the name counter (located in the Arks Lobby) every few levels so that you don't miss out.