We want our baby to have the best, especially newborns who are vulnerable and completely new to the world. What they’re breathing in affects their new lungs and what they're touching affects their new skin. We believe babies should sleep on the purest organic materials.

To learn what types of crib mattresses are out there? You should always opt for the savvy baby organic crib mattress?And what are the advantages of Rongli baby mattress fabric?

What's the best memory foam crib mattress? There's no true answer to that question because memory foam, a type of polyurethane foam, should not even be used as a crib mattress core in the first place.

This synthetic foam lacks durability and is notorious for off-gassing volatile organic compounds. It's usually marketed at an inexpensive price but unfortunately, it’s not as great of a deal as one may think.

Not only should you pay attention to what makes up the core of the mattress, but you should also keep in mind what type of material the mattress is encased in. If it is cotton, make sure that it is certified organic. Anything less may have been treated with pesticides or bleach. Avoid bamboo, which goes through the viscose process, or synthetic materials such as polyester or rayon.

Studies show that infants are more vulnerable to chemical exposure than adults. Another reason is that their organs are just developing, and subtle changes can have permanent consequences that can't be fixed after the fact. Young children also lack certain enzymes that adults have. These enzymes are responsible for breaking down and removing toxic chemicals.

This is not to say that we should put our kids in a large bubble but we should be cognizant of which products we’re introducing into our homes. This is something we have the power to control and it can make all the difference.

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