When using the China glue gun, you must first keep the inside of the glue gun clean, and there must be no excess glue. Due to leaks and careless operation, glue may accumulate around the film, so after each use of the glue gun, the melted glue around the nozzle needs to be cleaned.

Next, you need to check whether the hose of the glue gun is kinked or the material is thin, and ensure that the hose is firmly connected. Due to the adhesive properties of the glue, it will scorch under heating and oxidative degradation. In the process of cleaning the glue gun, you need to observe whether this phenomenon exists. Because in this case, the adhesive will overheat and block the piping and gun machinery. In the process of cleaning and repairing the glue gun, it is necessary to read and check the instructions for use safely. You cannot operate without permission to avoid damage to the glue gun.

Finally check all parts of the China spray gun to ensure that the adhesive complies with its specified pressure and temperature settings