That is great for buy RS gold the bankers as well as management, for now, where mtx revenues will no longer offset the reduction in player numbers, however, the compounding problems and problems that stem from this kind of management philosophy will eventually result in a point.

There will probably also be another tipping point where even mtx purchasing players will start to leave because an mmorpg with few players quits being enjoyable, particularly if there's no one to show off, so that they take their mtx dollars to another game. This is why so many cellular games funded solely by mtx have such a brief lifespan, the bigger playerbase starts to depart after the fad dies out, and the mtx purchasing players follow suit since it isn't enjoyable anymore when there isn't that many players to compare themselves to or show off. It makes the organization's whole revenue stream undependable and shaky.

This will make Jagex and RuneScape a bad advantage because banks will be less inclined to provide loans and possible investors will be less inclined to invest if there isn't a stream of revenue and raising profits. And rather than trying to resolve things, the bankers will likely vote to simply scuttle the whole property, chop up the residual assets and sell them off in a fire sale to cut their losses until it gets entirely unprofitable, because that is the way they operate, that's how they've been making tons of money for decades, and that is how they'll continue to do so with different companies they are invested in, because it's always worked for them, so they will continue to tell management this is how they want them to operate.

It will most likely be at least a decade or more before RuneScape could get to there because they're smart enough to keep it going long enough to maximise their returns, however at the present course, that is the point where the management doctrine will direct, and the sad thing is, I do not think the shareholders give a shit about a long lasting and successful property, they are here to make big returns fast and cash out before it catches on fire, even if it means destroying the land entirely, since they'll only go on to do it again but with a different company, and they are probably doing this using a dozen or more businesses at precisely the same time. It is how venture capital firms work, and businesses that buy up business assets also seem to work with exactly the enterprise capitalist mentality.

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