It's a shame because they know it will sell for snowflakes to stand out, they place all kinds of dumb shit out. That is why that achievement banner is present when not a single individual in OSRS Gold  beyond the purchaser provides a shit about it. That Drakes exist, something huge to have peoples attention that's not screaming like the banner. And that they're not planning to implement anything to hide cosmetics, unless they make it something that hides the players. Which will then induce half people to play without it see more crap. Over half even look great at all, match the subject, or of the makeup don't have anything to do with RS.

Halloween and santa Hats Masks? I don't think so. Outfits are meant to make players feel and look different. Wearing my Santa Hat or Halloween Mask thematically has nothing to with with RuneScape at all either.i imply, santa's got a fairly prolonged lore ingame, what with his whole family and being canonical personalities and everything.I concur but assert RuneScape's planet has arbitrary silly personalities and events that happen in quests ect besides the"Important lore stuff".

"Desire to satisfy investor needs" is not the driving force behind their pick within their art. MTX as a whole is for investors' sake but the art behind the MTX is geared towards what sells. Essentially, their desire is to create the things that they feel will be enjoyed the most from the players themselves, ergo. Investors won't really care what they look like. Not saying I'm against makeup. I am fine with them making money so long as it is not strong items. Pointing out the reasons may not be what OP thinks.

Actually I think it's the representation for new players. Looking back Cheap Runescape Gold once I maxed my account a couple of years back I realised that the caliber of upgrades during my trip was so far below what should happen to be regular, which stood in harsh contrast with the high quality and frequency of MTX releases. I believe it is essential that players see what type of sport RuneScape 3 is currently, so they don't do what I did and have fully invested into what ends up being a shallow, random, and altogether disappointing journey that pales compared to the pre-MTX version of RuneScape that almost all of us fondly recall.