Me right nowI load NBA 2K Coins sometimes begin mycareer and before it even gets into the my career screen I change my mind and closed NBA 2K off lmao.EA perfected the 50 quid roster upgrade. A mycareeer instance. I play with LB and created an LB. I read come and run towards the lineup, a lineman starts obstructing me, how do I shed? What move? Doesn't matter, you move the ideal stick and it will sod? That's why I want 2K could have a crack again create EA work for this.

If Madden had rivalry they would have to improve. I know 2K is starting to feel like the exact same game each year with new rosters but it seems just like Madden cubes out a copy and paste of the years before. All this would not be a problem if they published a game that is new every 2 years or upgrade it for those two years with rosters and such. But they'd never do this cause they know we're currently gon na every year, buy it.

It was essentially a demo. Like don't get my wrong I loved the shit and played dozens and dozens of hours but there was actually nothing to this game. Franchise was dumb, undertake alley was just a diversion that is dumb, playbooks were small, blocking was very very underdeveloped and not really much of anything. When that game began it was broken and passing was a fucking disaster. If I found out they were working on backbreaker 2 for a decade, I would pay my stimulus check.

That is what I felt about madden and I heard 2K was the exact same but 4 or 5 months ago I caved and got 2K20. Best decision in a while. 2K is miles ahead of madden and although it took a few weeks to understand, I have not touched madden since, I dont like saying this cause I know it's a sixty dollar match and there are expectations that lots of you men who played for multiple years have, but boy are yall spoiled compared to madden. That game is absolute garbage and enjoying with 2K made me realize that much more.

I enjoy the career mode in 2K20. I only wish the stuff for wast by blending the same players with online modes, ruined. Online balancing do not care about park such and crimson and constantly screws over gamers like me that do your NBA career. They do balancing to builds and badges all to know how to buy mt in nba 2k20 of the time that may mess up the offline playing also in the event that you have a certain MyCareer player you perform only solo it still can get impacted by balancing they perform because of stuff that's found to become OP or busted for internet players.