The layout of the critters in them is placed randomly from a list based on the creatures and maps present in the rest of Dofus Kamas game.Groups of critters are composed of four critters, including at least one dungeon keeper. In some cases, another dungeon keeper could possibly be a part of this group, considerably increasing the difficulty of the battle and therefore the associated winnings.The groups of critters are assigned a battle modifier based on the dungeon keeper present. There's but one modifier, regardless of the amount of dungeon keepers. Each modifier has more or less of an effect on combat difficulty and the resulting winnings.

The figures advance from room to room, alternating exploration and combat. In combat rooms, characters and monsters struggle with. In exploration rooms, the figures can obtain rewards and bonuses to ease their progress in the dungeon and may pick the next combat room from one of those offered. The difficulty increases in every battle room as the monsters to fight are one degree higher than those from the previous room. For this event, each monster could evolve to amounts over their habitual amounts.

As they progress, the proprietor accumulates dream points to spend in their dungeon. The amount of points earned from each struggle is dependent upon the issue of this struggle, amount, idol score used, and challenges completed.These factors are used to buy bonuses to facilitate advancement in the Infinite Dreams. In the event of a beat, some of these points are lost and in the event the owner no longer has enough, they don't have any option but to reinitialize their dungeon and shed their remaining dream points. The operator can, however, buy insurance with fantasy things; this lets them re-do a specially tough combat over and over forever without risking losing dream points on every defeat.

Characters can leave their dungeon anytime and come back later. They can also decide to reinitialize their dungeons or be pressured to do this in the event of a definitive defeat.The erosion process is not the same from the Infinite Dreams. Unlike in classic battle, here eroded life is retained Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale between combats and divided fairly among all of the characters in the group in the end of the struggle. Characters therefore have every interest in anguish the smallest amount of damage potential during combat to restrict the handicap of diminished maximum energy. However, in some cases, characters have an opportunity to spend dream things to cancel all gathered erosion.

Infinite Dreams information like the monsters present in the rooms, battle modifiers, available benefits in case of victory, etc. is available through an interface created especially for the occasion. The person who owns this dungeon uses this port to spend dream points, and personalities utilize the interface to swap their gathered dream reflections for rewards. Dream reflections are obtained in the exact same way as dream things, but unlike points, they do not count on the group and aren't linked to the present dungeon. Dream reflections are a resource which can be traded, destroyed or sold just like any other source in Dofus game.