How a PP compression fitting works

As you can see, pp compression fitting forms a seal by applying force. This is done with the three piece assembly; (comprised of a) compression nut, connector and an inner ring (the ferrule). When the compression nut is properly tightened, the ferrule is pressed against the tube with enough force to eliminate excess space in the joint, which prevents fluid or gas from leaking. The ferrule forms the seal, not the nut, the threads or any mechanical connection. This takes all the pressure off the mechanical connection.

Identifying a PP compression fitting

If you’re looking at a fitting and wondering if it’s a threaded or compression, take a look inside. The compression fitting will have a seat inside for the tube. This is the quickest way to identify a compression fitting.

If you need more proof, look for a nut and the aforementioned ferrule (ring). The threads alone won’t tell you what you need to know, as it’s difficult to look at threads quickly and determine if they are tapered or parallel, let alone if they are port or tube connectors.

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