Look around in the relevant subs. People went crazy for the beta and crashed the servers. Turns out that creating a JP Sega account, going through the kana captcha, and installing an (incomplete) translation mod is a bit of a barrier to entry for the majority of gamers... Plus there are lots of PSO2 Meseta console-only players out there too who are likely interested. In terms of Microsoft being the ones to do it Sega fans still see the Xbox as the successor of the Dreamcast. Sega gave the OG Xbox several great exclusives such as Panzer Dragoon Orta, JSRF, Gunvalkyrie, etc, and they stuck. It's silly, but there's a share of Sega fans who are faithful to Microsoft.Together with New World and Graymoor around the horizon soon this nearly 10 year old postponed match wont stand a chance the longer they maintain off.It's F2P, and the two of those games don't fill the same niche as PSO2 so that they aren't direct competitors. What makes you believe people will not only play with three? All 3 is a whole lot. Individuals who would have tried once it hits this will be less inclined to check at it once they are diverted by a brand new eso expansion or new universe. PSO2 is outdated. And its going to jive already with individuals who have nostalgia for PSO. Folks have already waited waaaaay. Also the brand new xbox comes out this season nobody is buying xbone right. It is only a further delay that is pointless.

Lol the 2 are not even comparable. Pso2 is almost a decade old, BDO came out aka, from korean style a couple of decades later. Ping mattered in BDO, it does not in PSO. BDO didn't censor nor need non invasive requirements and also a microsoft account to play for no reason. BDO didn't have a fan translation group translating everything as soon as it published, PSO does and still will later NA launch. Seems like SEGA got tired of idiots wanting them to port it (if they had all the tools given to them to perform ) and are ultimately using this as an excuse to never fetch yet another mmo over here again when it fails.

Btw if someone wants to understand why it was not localized earlier that's actually largely Gearbox's fault so again fuck you Randy: PSO2's original projected western localization and maintenance funding was drafted from projected Colonial Marines earnings, which should have been a Slam Dunk awarded the value of the Aliens brand - Obviously Gearbox found a way to fuck that up. This has been a bomb so bad that Sega of America needed to go into Austerity Mode and put off nearly all their Localization employees, not only permanently delay PSO2. Of which they would not recover until Sega had and purchased Atlus all that laid off employees is effectively replaced by Atlus USA.

Frankly it holds up as a fantastic MMO. The combat is more akin to Monster Hunter than WoW or GW. Due to the arcade / game tieins it has been tremendous in Japan, and still holds up this much after release.That's why I have always enjoyed the first and played with it on a free server until a couple years back. There is a surprising amount of ability involved. I really don't know anything regarding PSO2, though, and it might be totally different for all I know.Played equally, played original for countless hours. It's definitely quicker in PSO2, but I really do feel it feels just like a direct update to PSO (which seems like it should be clear, I know.) It does similar things with maps that are repetitive more weapons enemies ect. And combat has verticality to it. I personally enjoy it and https://www.pso2ah.com/ would recommend giving it a try.