Raymond ultrafine mill is one of the most commonly used crushing equipment in limestone mining, so what is the effect of its fine crushing in limestone?

1. Since the production capacity of limestone raymond mill is between 600 and 800 t / h, which is 25 to 40 times the capacity of limestone Raymond ultrafine mill, effectively solving the original limestone Raymond ultrafine mill Due to the low output, the machine has a high operating rate and no maintenance time.

2. It can complete the fine crushing of large pieces of limestone. The fine particle size is 1000 × 1200mm, which effectively solves the problem that the original supply of limestone is tight and the large chunks of limestone cannot be used.

3. The particle size of the finished product is small, only 2 ~ 15mm, which effectively solves the problem that the original limestone has a large particle size, often blocks the slider and even affects the output of the ultra-fine grinding machine.

4. The mixing uniformity of the two materials is good, and the amount of desulfurized limestone is greatly increased. The current blending amount can reach 60%, effectively reducing the cost of raw materials.

5. Power consumption has decreased. The electricity consumption of 1 ton of limestone is reduced by 1-2KWh / t, which can save 100,000 yuan of electricity cost every year.

6. Effectively improve the labor intensity and working environment of workers. Due to the high degree of automation of the limestone Raymond ultra-fine mill, there is no need to manually touch the materials, and the labor conditions of workers have been greatly improved.

The effect of Raymond ultrafine mill in limestone mining is basically very satisfactory. Through continuous improvement of the overall process of Raymond ultrafine mill, Raymond ultrafine mill is processed in large-scale mining It is listed as the core equipment.