An incredibly weird error in NBA 2K20 that has made players' weapons incredibly large has swept across the Internet while confusing many people. Follow GameMS to learn more about it. GameMS professionally provides players with all kinds of interesting NBA 2K20 latest information, Buy NBA 2K20 MT.

The NBA 2K series is currently the most popular basketball game, with millions of players buying the latest version each year. As with any game, errors tend to pop up and sometimes have strange effects on the game. But this is probably the weirdest glitch ever, as a player's arms become incredibly long making him an unstoppable basketball monster.

In NBA 2k20 game

The mistake was highlighted in a video in the NBA 2K YouTuber "tray" on January 27, where he played a series of games with custom characters-one of which became somehow powerful. No one can deal with this frizzy character, and with his arms reaching to his feet, or even more, he's incredibly opposed. Not only that, when his arms were swaying frantically, his actions looked laughable, making everyone lose it with laughter.

Surprisingly, this is not the only mistake found in the game, because another player has become invisible in some way. In the end, the odds were accumulated in large numbers and were favored by a team that had both a basketball monster with a 50-foot arm and an invisible player. This quickly exploded online, with one tweet gaining more than 2.3 million views in just two days-most people love it. Laughter and a bunch of emojis such as "Why Looooool even jumped up, gestures with longer arms than the whole body" quickly filled the tweet reply.

Hopefully, no such big mistake will happen again, although it will be fun to watch. By following GameMS, you can not only learn the latest information about NBA 2K20, various interesting developments, but also Buy Cheap 2K20 MT, Our products are very good value.