What are the types of 100% Polyester Plush Fabric(WARPKNITTEDFABRIC)? The plush fabric has many kinds, and the quality of each kind is different. Flat velvet, velvet, flocking cloth, tufted flannel polyester fabric flannel, knitted fabric flannel, cotton fabric flannel, velvet fabric flannel, warp knitted fabric strip flannel (the latest variety, using 50D polyester FDY and DTY75D/36F (strong mesh) as raw materials, adopts a knitted chain structure. The fabric has been processed through scouring and desizing, setting, dyeing, softening, tentering and setting, etc.) Hole-loop flannelette super fluffy flannelette (latest variety) short plush cloth (latest variety) winter general cotton fabric flannelette, velvet, short plush cloth, etc.

Cotton fabric with rich fluffy surface after napping. It is divided into single-sided velvet and double-sided velvet. The single-sided pile is mainly twill, also known as surge pile. Double-sided velvet is mainly plain weave. The flannel cloth is soft, comfortable to wear and has good warmth retention. It is suitable for winter underwear and pyjamas. Printed flannelette and dyed flannelette should be used as spring and autumn outerwear for women and children. Velvet printed with images of animals, flowers and fairy tales, also known as beriberi velvet, is suitable for children. Natural velvet, bleached velvet, assorted velvet and sesame velvet are commonly used in winter clothing, gloves, shoes and hats. The pile-up of flannel is formed by repeatedly pulling apart of fibers on the cloth surface of grey cloth through the action of the needlepoint of a steel wire of a pile-up machine, and the pile is required to be short, dense and uniform. Printed flannelette is brushed before printing, bleached and variegated flannelette is brushed at the end.

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