My living room has a small window, a french door to the garden, and a bay window! I can’t work out a style of curtains or blinds that would work at all three, but I’m worried that if I put something different at each window it will just look a mess! Please advise.

Surprisingly, it isn’t a problem to dress windows in the same room in a different way – the key is to have some aspect of the design that is common to all the windows.

Using the same fabric throughout is an obvious choice – perhaps a in Roman blind for the small window, and in roller blinds made up for the French door so there isn’t fabric draped around at floor level that would get muddy. Then repeat the fabric in curtains, or Roman blinds again, at the bay window. Or you could have roller blinds in the fabric at the bay window, along with simple dress curtains which are a similar colour to the walls so they tie effortlessly into the overall scheme.

When curtains have to be of various lengths around a room, then hold the design together by having identical poles and holdbacks at each window, and the same heading to all the curtains – all pencil pleat, or all triple peat, for example.

Even a very small decorative touch can tie together two very disparate window treatments in the same room – a pom-pom trim, a coloured edging, or applied braid.

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