Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Classic ignited the enthusiasm of that loyal fans of all over the world. In 2006, Azeroth clearly provided players having a nostalgic experience. Surprisingly, when most players are immersed along the way of leveling and meeting new friends, some Classic WOW Gold teams are actually challenging by far the most difficult enemy hanging around - the Guild APES from server Gehannas EU would be the first successfully killed two powerful bosses Ragnaros and Onyxia from the Molten Core raid.

According for the AIPT report, the APES guild guild APES has won the world’s initial two projects. The guild originated in the WoW Classic server Gehannas EU, and most of the main members successfully reached level 60 from the shortest serious amounts of immediately challenged the 40-person team raid Molten Core. In the case of only three tanks, they taken care of immediately Firelord Ragnaros’s brute force attack with the addition of more therapists. Twelve therapists played their part, and they also directly drop the boss through teamwork. By the way, for everybody who is interested to have cheap WOW Classic Gold, stay tuned in for more in to get more at ZZWOW.

However, this team is just not satisfied with this. They have rested for some time to wait for everyone members to go back to their best condition, after which continue to move toward the Black Dragon Princess Onyxia. Obviously, the spoils obtained after defeating Ragnaros gave this tenacious team enough confidence. Most in the APES guild surely could move onto Onyxia’s Lair, all through the attunement required to Buy WOW Classic Gold reach it, and score one more big win, now against the dragon – daughter of Deathwing the Destroyer. Considering that this team has only 12 For level 60 players, this achievement is sufficient surprise everyone.

In reply to this challenge, the corps selected by APES contains 11 warriors, 9 mages, 6 priests, 6 paladins, 4 warlocks, 2 rogues, 1 hunter and 1 druid. The main role on the Warlock is with various cursing effects to your elite monsters, thus greatly enhancing the attack efficiency on the warrior along with the wizard. According towards the information offered by APES leaders, they'd the opportunity to kill the two of these powerful enemies with an earlier time, but because one with the raid’s bosses Magmadar is way too powerful from the violent state, you'll be able to cause all members. The death, they had to hold back for the only hunter from the team to elevate to level 60 and learn Tranquilizing Shot.