Said it free mut coins a few times, because I started playing 18 the promo isn't really fit for purpose and has got worse. It just requires an overhaul, it's too rigid and that locks many Madden gamers in/out of contention. They ought to look at the other games do TOTW and they've all got better systems.TOTW Madden players are generally crap anyways I'd rather a Madden player get a promo card so that it's actually worth using.For sure. As an instance you didn't desire 15 92 overalls this week, dropping, but dropping 79 rated cards or even 82 cards that are rated.. Genuinely what's the point. You're considering 3 MAYBE 4 cards to get totw that might get a look at. Tbh just nick NHLs upgrade system, for all the criticisms and reasons mut and I play with, their whole upgrade system is far superior.

Anyone Beyond Aaron Jones? I remember one week the Packers got two unworthy leading TOTW cards (Blake who had the dynamic UK card better and Rodgers LTD that was the exact same as his power up, which was cheaper and better to have long term). Just a dumbfounding move to have these cards be TOTW. It pisses everyone off including Packers fans.preston smith has an 83 which works as a back up and clay mathews actually has a great 90 overall from early in the season, but preston smith and blake martinez dont have powerups (uk martinez really gets enforcer so if that card could go to a pu it would be crazy). Packers 50/50 is stacked on safeties and linebackers but could use a lot of other areas that were upgrades.

Trend thanks for compiling data I would say giants and Viking would be the person who get to complain atm. Just going to get my Vic Beasley and stand in the corner.So much whining over TOTW, it is not likely to be perfect, but yes it could be better. The cards aren't good enough IMO, no reason to use them. I wish they'd balance out the worth of legends vs current Madden players, since I favor using current men but there is not a lot of reason to.I am not a fan of utilizing legends and would much rather use present Madden players. TOTW is assumed to be the provider of cards that were usable because of this. Unfortunately you are made to utilize Legends due to their crap content they set out for TOTW and their utter refusal to give the finest current Madden players updates until the end of the year so that they may free coins madden 20 keep their flowing in.