With the promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection concepts and the continuous rise in domestic housing prices, expandable container houses are receiving more and more attention. However, the structural performance of container houses in China is still in the preliminary research stage, so there are still many problems to be solved.

In China, the container housing market is still in its infancy, and the early attention to container housing is the idea that PTH proposed the container housing market in 2008, and combined with the development of global container housing, analyzed the container housing in the future Chinese market. The state of development.

Most of the existing domestic container houses are temporary buildings with only 1-2 floors, so fire protection design is rarely involved, but multi-layer container houses must consider fire protection design. The research on container houses under fire can provide future fire protection design. Reference recommendations.

In recent years, construction fires have occurred, causing a large amount of property damage and casualties. As a container house with steel structure, due to the poor fire resistance of steel, its fireproof design should also be taken seriously. At present, most containerized containers are low-rise buildings, and most of them are temporary. Therefore, most of them do not consider fire prevention. The fire prevention measures of buildings are poor. In the event of fire, although there will be no casualties, a large amount of losses cannot be avoided.

However, with the promotion and application of container houses, more and more high-rise container houses and other functional sites are bound to increase, and the problem of fire protection design of container houses is more prominent. In addition, the side panels of the container belong to the main force-bearing components, which need to be considered in the fire prevention. However, due to the large area, the cost of the fire protection design will increase. How to combine the safety and economical design of the fire protection design is our concern.

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