The rapid development of the container industry has also brought many problems, such as the problem of land occupation of vacant containers and the recycling of used containers. About 300 million containers are transferred around the world every year. There are millions of vacant containers and decommissioned containers each year. The maintenance cost of these containers is very high, so people try to transform these into an expandable container house.

Initially, such container houses appeared in port terminals and construction sites, mainly due to their high quality, low price, movable and removable features. With the continuous advancement and development of the society, the pace of people's life has accelerated, and the mobility of the population has increased, which has stimulated people's thinking about the mobility, safety, practicability and environmental friendliness of the living space. More and more widely used in public buildings, schools, hotels, museums, exhibition halls, tourist attractions, shops and other fields.

China's container housing market is in its infancy, and container houses are often seen in the terminal and its surrounding areas, but there are very few container houses used in other areas. On the one hand, China is a large exporting country with a small number of used containers; on the other hand, China's current construction costs are low, and people's awareness of environmental protection and safety is not strong. However, with the increase in the cost of traditional houses in recent years, the price of housing has also risen, and people have begun to pay attention to other forms of housing.

Nowadays, with the change of people's concept, people's demand for housing is no longer simply sheltering from wind and rain. From single to diversified, environmental protection, energy saving, safety and economy are the basic characteristics of modern houses. Containers combine these advantages into one. Therefore, container houses are also becoming more and more popular in China.

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