The Path of Exile recently released one of the largest expansions to date. The conquerors of Atlas killed the enemies by adding new bosses, completely overhauling the endgame system, and brought new loot and rewards for harder tasks. The POE Currency and POE Orbs you get will help you to advance your battles, and with this new extension, the Path of Exile will easily have one of the best post-game systems in any video game currently available. The conquerors of Atlas also launched for the first time a temporary challenge alliance called Metamorph. This alliance allows players to use the organs of killed monsters to create scary bosses, thus providing awesome rewards. The challenges these monsters bring (and the full expansion of the conquerors) make it difficult for some players to enjoy. Here are 3 tips to help you survive in the Metamorph League.

1: Gain Chaos Resistance

The first thing you will notice when you fight Metamorphs is how deadly they are. Some will kill you immediately, and some will not be so scary. This may be because you are not very resistant to chaos. A large number of Morphling bosses use Chaos damage in their attacks, causing poison or creating blasphemy when they die. Unless you run Chaos Inncoluation, you need to gain Chaos Resistance on the equipment, otherwise these things will kill you immediately. Also, you can check if each organ uses this mod and choose not to use it, but this will be very time-consuming.

2: Transactions

Of course, this next suggestion will not apply to those who play in Solo Self Found (SSF for short). Anyway, if you are participating in a professional league, this is a good advice to follow. trading. Buy Path of Exile Currency will be a very helpful behavior, which can greatly improve your efficiency. Sell things seriously and buy what you need. If you need currency, you can flip an item by buying it cheaply and selling it for more than the purchase price. If you are unable to get a specific "unique" product to serve, buy it. Sell any good gear that doesn't need to make money and use it to make beautiful items for your work.

3 check your organs

No, not your literal organ. Deformation is produced from the eyes, brain, heart, liver, and lungs, and these components are cleared from the creatures you kill. These organs have unique modifiers on rewards and bosses. The reward type of each organ is not based on the rarity of the organ. In other words, check every organ before creating a boss. White organs, like unique organs, may carry 6-link armor. However, the rarity of organs does determine the difficulty of fighting. Fight the Metamorph hard enough that you will get an organ as an actual item, and if you get each organ type, you will be able to create bosses in Tane's Laboratory. The Metamorphosis in his lab can drop valuable items, so make sure to create the Metamorphosis leader in his lab if you have enough organs