Soft And Colorful Plush Fabric For Cloth(WARPKNITTEDFABRIC) is a new type of knitted warp knitted plush fabric. Super soft short plush is a kind of short plush (the latest variety). Short plush series products are widely used in various fields such as clothing, bags, shoes, hats, toys, etc. In recent years, with lower price and higher quality, it has been applied in foreign trade and domestic factories and achieved good sales results.

Soft and colorful plush fabric for cloth has a fine texture, soft hand feeling, no lint and no pilling. No fading. No irritation to the skin, no allergy. Beautiful appearance and rich colors. Coral fleece is one of the newest and best selling fabrics in textile fabrics. The products are characterized by soft hand feeling, fine texture and environmental protection. Mainly used for sleeping coral velvet robe, baby products, children's clothing, clothing lining, shoes and hats, toys, car accessories, craft products, home accessories and other materials.

In recent years, soft and colorful plush fabric for cloth have become more and more popular in the home textile industry. A large number of coral fleece bedding products have emerged in the market, gradually replacing traditional bedding products, such as coral fleece blankets, quilts, pillows and suite series, which are very popular in the market.

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