Expandable container house faces huge market opportunities in the face of high housing prices in China.

In the big cities, we can easily find that there are many dwellings, that is, renting in some container mobile homes. In the past ten years, expandable container house has also entered people's field of vision more and more, and various remarks have been filled with this. The root cause of this phenomenon is that housing prices are rising, and buying a house has become a huge burden for most people today. How to solve this problem has always been a question of long-term discussion and lack of effective answers.

Although the expandable container house is still a controversial product and topic, it must be said that the expandable container house is a new type of home with low cost and convenient accommodation. From the data point of view, the world will eliminate nearly 400,000 second-hand containers every year, and China is a big container country. How to rationally use the second-hand containers that are eliminated is also a problem that has to be considered at present.

If conventional smelting is in place, it will inevitably lead to a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions, and the development of the expandable container house market has largely alleviated this problem and met the needs of today's sustainable development.

At present, expandable container house has been widely used abroad, and it is more popular among some young people. Many experts also pointed out that the construction of the expandable container house market may be an effective point for future economic growth.

Another second-hand container can be transformed into an adaptable container house that can be adapted to humans with a simple modification. This is still very reasonable in nature. However, it is still more difficult to accept such a product in China as a housing concept. With the constant collision with international concepts, I believe that the Chinese people's concept of this expandable container house will also change.

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