How Do You Look at The Quality of Plush Fabric For Sofa(WARPKNITTEDFABRIC)?

1. The density of plush is gram-heavy, and the hand feeling is smooth (i.e. the bottom yarn is not severe, and the top surface is erect or lodging, which has great influence on the gram-heavy and the finishing quality of plush factory).

2. Raw yarn quality and weaving quality affect the compliance effect.

3. The shearing quality affects height.

4. Dyeing accuracy affects colour.

5. For large-area surface effect, see whether the surface effect is fluffy, erect, soft and free from abnormal phenomena such as normal indentations, wavy lines and random hair direction.

Through the above points. Basically, the quality of plush fabric for sofa can be judged.

General plush (including flannelette, cut cloth wool), if the gram weight is low, the wool will easily fall down and cannot stand up. Attention should be paid during quality inspection. Velbon's wool length is not easy to measure, the wool is short, and the cloth is thin, so it should also be carefully checked. Generally, the wool length should be 2.5-3.5mm, normal is 3.00mm, curly velboa can reach 5-10mm, and the relative gram weight is also high. When signing the contract, the wool length requirement should be indicated, generally, the weight of 3mm is 450g/Y-480g/Y, and special items should be indicated.

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