Did you see free mut coins the part in which I said they paid individuals to document shitty comment instead of paying people to fix Madden? Since that is basically the main point you made on your comment and I'd previously addressed it.The point I made was you can say Madden has its own difficulties while understand there's a difference in effort required to script and record commentary than there is to code and discover bugs. They're never not gonna hire people to do comment. But they ought to hire more people for programming and gameplay.

They have to do with eachother. Bug testing takes how long? The fact that they spent some time at all making that commentary rather than fixing the bugs which have been around for 5 years is what is frustrating. It's just so snarky and trapped. They know plebs like you and me need a soccer video game and they have the only one in town. So they can expect us to by Madden regardless of the quality. It only shows how out of touch EA is with their Madden player foundation and honestly fucking respect they have.

Power ups ought to be exactly the Madden players base card they begin the season with. This will make it possible for any Madden player that gets an upgrade the ability to be useful.I don't think EA is capable of doing so. Since they don't have faith they could handle a system they only allow particular power ups. I really do like the idea though, it's something I've never considered.EA is competent, EAs fifa mobile does this, you can and 1 any card to infinity if you'd like. There are more football Madden players in the world than the NFL, so it can be managed by them. They possess the ability that they choose to not do it.

Do good it goes up do bad down it, I'd put money into rookies or substitute Madden gamers an make a coin. Not sure because I didn't play with it, how the manner was effected, the coin was best place to buy madden 20 coins used by me for my Madden player mode