Soft And Colorful Plush Fabric For Cloth(WARPKNITTEDFABRIC) has fine, compact and glossy fibers, small elasticity and is not easy to deform. The printed pattern is clear and does not move, which has better thermal insulation effect.

Soft and colorful plush fabric for cloth has excellent water absorption performance, which is 3 times that of cotton products. Because it has been combed, trimmed and shaped many times, its fluff is more flat and consistent, can directly contact with skin, and has no influence on the human body. Its advantages are no fading, no pilling and easy washing. The fabric has excellent softness due to its soft hand feeling, fine denier per filament and small bending modulus. The masking property is good because the density between fibers is high and the specific surface area is large, thus the masking property is good. The wearability is good, because the fiber has a larger surface area, thus having a higher wicking effect and air permeability, and being comfortable and fluffy in use. Because the specific surface area of the fiber is large, the light reflection on the surface of the fiber regulating body is poor, therefore, the fabric made of the fiber is elegant and soft in colour.

Spring and summer can be used as thin quilts, summer quilts and air conditioning quilts, which are light, light and breathable. In autumn and winter, it can be used as bed cloth under the body, which is comfortable and close to the skin, softens the skin, keeps warm and warms the whole winter. Together, it has a good regulating effect on human blood circulation and metabolism. Reading books, reading newspapers and surfing the internet for entertainment. Please let the soft and colorful plush fabric for cloth protect your joints and knees in all parts of your body so that it is not easy to catch a cold. It is convenient to collect, carry and use. It is the most meticulous care for your life anytime and anywhere. It is an ideal choice for travel, leisure and vacation. It can also be widely used for rest, nap and home decoration in offices and cars.

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