The reason why the new villa has received extensive attention and continuous development in the market is that its light steel structure has made outstanding achievements in energy saving, environmental protection and other indicators. Let's take a look at what aspects of its highlights have been reflected.

The self-weight of light steel structure high-rise buildings is about 900-1000kg/m2, the self-weight of traditional concrete is about 1500-1800kg/m2, and the self-weight is reduced by about 40%. Can greatly reduce the consumption of cement and sandstone resources, thus greatly reducing carbon emissions during mining, smelting and transportation; The construction of light steel structure houses does not need wood formwork and scaffolding, and the market share increases by 5%, which can reduce the logging of 9,000 hectares of forest, reduce the building weight and save about 30% of underground pile foundation.

Light steel structure residential buildings are mainly assembled on site, which can greatly reduce water consumption and sewage discharge during construction. If its market share increases by 5 percentage points, it will reduce the sewage discharge equivalent to 10 West Lake total waters.

With the characteristics of "high, light and strong" steel structure, it is easy to realize high-rise buildings and improve the efficiency of land use per unit area. The indoor floor area ratio will be increased by 5%-8%, and the parking space of underground garage will be increased by 10%-20%. Nowadays, the problem of "difficult land, money and parking" is prominent, especially of social and economic value.

Assemble construction to reduce noise interference, wastewater discharge and dust pollution on the construction site; After the demolition of the new villa, which has reduced sand and gravel mining and construction waste emissions, protected the environment and created a civilized construction, the material recovery rate of the main structure of the light steel structure residence reached more than 90%, about 60% less than the traditional concrete waste. Conscientiously respond to the call of the state to "promote circular production mode".

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