Villa, do you think it is a symbol of aristocratic life?

In the past, villas were a representative of luxury living. But nowadays, with the emergence of various new building materials, villas are no longer synonymous with luxury goods. In particular, the light steel villa house has greatly improved the overall performance of the villa. It not only looks beautiful but also shockproof. It can be said that light steel villas will become the first choice for rural housing construction in the next few years.

Villa steel with lightweight walls and large spaces can handle a variety of complex geographies. At the same time, light steel villas are produced at the factory, which can greatly shorten the construction time. The performance of light steel villas is superior to traditional residences in terms of appearance, safety and cost effectiveness.

Then the problem is coming. how's the price? This is the issue that consumers are most concerned about.

For example, how much does it cost to build a 200 square meter house?

The high-quality brick structure with ordinary exterior wall decoration generally costs about 1,000 yuan / square meter. In other words, the total price is about 200,000 yuan. As for interior decoration, the average cost is about 100,000 yuan and the total cost is 300,000 yuan. In the countryside where you live, the cost of this villa is even cheaper than brick houses.

The cost of a steel structure villa is between 1,500 yuan and 4,500 yuan / square meter. For example, a 200-square-meter villa will cost 400,000 yuan at a price of 2,000 yuan per square meter, and the renovation cost will be 80,000 yuan. He is not only affordable, but the quality can withstand the scrutiny.

In addition, PTH is here to give you a suggestion. If it is outsourced, don't bargain when working with the construction team. The price of brick structure below 800 yuan / square meter will affect the quality of the project, while the steel structure villa is less than 1,200 yuan / square meter. After all, no one is willing to do the job without any profit. As the saying goes, "One point for one price"

Speaking of this, I believe that you are planning to build a house, you should be very interested in this new building materials, after all, the price of this light steel villa is really exciting.

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