Sometimes the standard mortise locks on sliding doors aren’t enough to withstand a home invader. An additional lock can prevent invaders from damaging the lock or taking the door off the track. We picked these sliding glass door locks because they strengthen the common weaknesses found in many patio doors.

With the lock,your sliding glass door can become a lot tougher than any potential intruder. It’s resistant to bolt cutters and hacksaws so it’s a seriously tough nut to crack. For additional security, it comes with keys to lock and unlock the bolt when you want to use the sliding glass patio door.

High-quality sliding locks not only protect you and your family, but also avoid many safety hazards; poor quality sliding locks are more like a bomb, and once exploded, there are many dangers. Therefore, we must buy a quality sliding lock.

Where is the quality sliding lock? At OULAI, there is a wide variety of high quality sliding locks. More than just sliding locks, we also produce other building hardware. If you are interested in our sliding locks or other architectural hardware, please feel free to contact us.