ECCA wire combines the excellent conductivity of copper with the advantages of aluminum. It is suitable for special electromagnet coils, inductors, electromagnetic coils, etc. It is used for audio coils and optical drives. ECCA Manufacturer(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) remind you of the following precautions.

First of all, copper-clad aluminum wires and copper-clad aluminum enamels are actually unusable in many fields, but in fact, many enterprises are using transformers, which is very worrying. The use of copper-clad aluminum wire involves 2 points, the resistivity of which is higher than that of equal-section copper, and the temperature rise problem. The easy oxidation of aluminum wires will further improve the resistance of the wires and prevent oxidation.

Secondly, the combination of copper and aluminum in copper-clad aluminum wire, commonly known in the industry as metallurgical combination, is actually reliable in long-term use. In the process of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage, the copper-aluminum combination ability can withstand the test, and there is no real evidence in the industry.

Finally, the ECCA line can be used as signal transmission, but it is easy to solve the problem and the service life of the product will be greatly reduced. In fact, when using ECCA wire, pay attention to the oxidation protection of enameled wire to ensure the effective combination of copper and aluminum, which can be used for a long time.

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