As copper prices continued to rise, many ECCA Manufacturer(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) began to develop and produce ECCA wire, which fundamentally solved the tension problem of ECCA wire. The rise of copper price has promoted the emergence of ECCA wire to a certain extent, which has made ECCA wire widely used and has broad development prospects.

First of all, ECCA wire can be used for signal transmission, but now it is used for power transmission, which is easy to cause problems and the service life of products will be greatly reduced.

Secondly, copper clad aluminum wires and copper-clad aluminum enamels are actually not available in many fields, but in fact, many enterprises are now using transformers, which is very worrying.

With the wide application of aluminum enameled wire, microwave oven transformer, dry-type transformer, high and low frequency transformer, step-up transformer, auto parts, various motors, induction coils, audio coils, frequency dividers, display deflection coils, degaussing coils, internal coils of mobile phones and other fields, they are currently in use.

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