After the purchase of a small indoor elevator, it is necessary to carry out some design, so how to design a small indoor elevator? Next, the small indoor elevator manufacturer will introduce the small indoor elevator design plan, and follow this article to understand the مصعد داخلي صغير.

From the design point of view, the space-saving design and beautiful elevator installation plan is to install a panoramic sightseeing elevator in the middle of the spiral staircase. Because the small indoor elevator has a small footprint and comes with a four-sided glass shaft, it is one of the ideal choices. Since there is no need for pits or small pit requirements, it can be installed directly or only equivalent to the height of the floor tile, and the installation does not need to destroy the civil structure. It can be installed on the wall or the floor opening position of any one of the indoor and outdoor areas in the home with simple fixing points. The wall can be painted with custom steel plate. Other faces can be matched with transparent glass or steel plate according to the decoration style. The pit design has no top-level height requirements, so it is also applicable in the duplex building of the high-rise building. For the building space with insufficient top floor height, the half-height door design can also be customized.

With the improvement of the economic level and people's pursuit of quality life, more and more families have chosen to install an elevator in their villas for family use. In this environment, many developers will install elevators or reserve installation locations for elevators in new villas. This method greatly reduces the difficulty of designing and installing small indoor elevators. Both owners and elevators prefer This is the case. However, for some of the early-built villas, many of them do not reserve the installation position of the elevator. They need to be re-selected and installed. In this case, the selection position of the elevator is crucial, which determines the size of the elevator and the convenience in later use. .

For the scene where the elevator is re-selected in the interior, the preferred location is mostly in the stairwell position, such as the middle position of the three-sided stairway. This position can be shared with the stairs in front of the aisle without occupying other sizes. However, in the case of small stairwells or folding back stairs, it is necessary to install an elevator in the bathroom, utility room or corner of the living room next to the stairwell.

A typical case of a small indoor elevator installed in a cut floor. At the beginning of the renovation, there was a plan to install a small indoor elevator. However, because the small indoor elevator was not well understood, the owner encountered many simple lifting platforms to be used as elevators during the inspection. However, the main reason for the owner to give up the installation of this simple small lifting platform after seeing the physical object is still in terms of safety. Because there is no elevator shaft in the site, it is necessary to cut the floor to install the elevator. For the size of the elevator, the owner is required to open the door according to the automatic door. The car needs to stand in and out of the wheelchair.

The above is for everyone to introduce the design of small indoor elevators, I hope to help everyone. Be careful when installing and purchasing a small indoor elevator.